Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) are currently underfunded, allowing nursing homes and all of their tragedies to run amok in our nation. America is the only developed country that emphasizes institutional long-term care over HCBS alternatives. Make sure you and your loved ones don’t die in a nursing home. Help the Gray Panthers continue to fight for more HCBS funding!


New program aims to provide seniors with home-based alternative to nursing facility care

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In an effort to help Illinois seniors stay in their homes for longer, officials announced Monday the state will be participating in a new federal program that could provide them…

Biden’s unlikely to get his full funding ask for home health care

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President Biden called for a $400 billion investment in home-care for the elderly and the disabled. But signs point to Congress missing the mark — and by a lot. Last…

How N.Y.’s Biggest For-Profit Nursing Home Group Flourishes Despite a Record of Patient Harm

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Charlie Stewart was looking forward to getting out of the nursing home in time for his 60th birthday. On his planned release day, in late 2012, the Long Island facility…

VERIFY: This is how people in nursing homes vote

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Viewer Ellen H. sent VERIFY this question: “I was wondering if nursing home residents get the chance to vote? If yes how do they vote? Is it by mail-in ballot…

Find Voting Rights Violations in Nursing Homes

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Taloria Stevenson Green has voted in every election since 1972, casting her ballot at a polling place across the street from her Washington, D.C. home.  But last year, she moved…

Hundreds of Thousands of Nursing Home Residents May Not Be Able to Vote in November Because of the Pandemic

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Walter Hutchins cast his first vote for president for Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1952, and he has voted in every election since. The last thing he wants is for his…